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IMG_8508Rogue River BridgeArt store in Port OrfordLone Rock, near Coos BayHellroaring Canyon, Mt. Adams, WASally's Meadow, near Little Crater LakeClackamas Meadow, near Timothy Lake, Mt. Hood areaPanther Creek FallsGod Bless America in stones, at Petersens's Rock Garden, near Redmond, ORJim's Junction, near Redmond, ORRogue River BridgeMary D. Hume tug boat at the Port of Gold BeachSpringwater Corridor bike path with Mt. Hood in the distanceGull by the Rogue River BridgeRogue River BridgeBetween Gold Beach and Port OrfordThe Killer Rabbit (Sorry, Tim)Home away from homeMt. HoodTree Island, near North Bend, OR